RBI Extends Deadline for Rs 2000 Note Deposits to October 7, 2023


Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced an extension of the deadline for depositing Rs 2000 notes. Initially set for September 30, 2023, the new deadline is now October 7, 2023.

This decision comes in light of an early notification issued on May 19, 2023, which had specified the original deadline. At that time, it was reported that a staggering 93 percent of the Rs 2000 notes had already been deposited in various banks across the country.

In a surprising turn of events, the RBI revealed that only seven percent of the Rs 2000 notes remain in circulation. This prompted the central bank to reconsider the timeline for the remaining notes to be deposited.

The extension allows citizens additional time to exchange or deposit their Rs 2000 notes. It is expected to provide some relief to those who may have faced difficulties in meeting the previous deadline.

The Rs 2000 note, introduced post-demonetization in 2016, was aimed at facilitating high-value transactions and reducing the need for carrying large amounts of currency. Over the years, its circulation has gradually diminished, leading to this recent move by the RBI.

Individuals and businesses are urged to take advantage of this extended deadline and ensure that any remaining Rs 2000 notes are deposited or exchanged before the new cutoff date of October 7, 2023.

The RBI continues to monitor the situation closely and may take further steps if necessary to manage the currency circulation effectively. For any further updates or clarifications, individuals are encouraged to refer to official RBI communications and announcements.



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