Rislyn Debbarma: From Tripura to Tropical Beats – A DJ’s Journey


Rising from the serene landscapes of Tripura, Rislyn Debbarma found her passion for DJing amidst the vibrant beats of Bangalore. Her journey began with a curiosity about the intricate art of mixing music, fueled by a lifelong love for melodies. “I often wondered how so many elements come together to create a magical track,” she reflects.

Transitioning from a music enthusiast to a professional DJ was no easy feat. Rislyn’s path was paved with moments of both fervent motivation and daunting challenges. Yet, her unwavering dedication and refusal to yield brought her to where she stands today, firmly entrenched in the world of DJing.

Playing to crowds at various venues, Rislyn’s performances have left indelible memories. However, her time at The Standard Maldives beach holds a special place in her heart. “It’s a paradise feeling,” she gushes, recounting the magic of syncing her Balearic beats with breathtaking sunsets.

Unlike some DJs, Rislyn is an open-format artist, unconfined by a single genre. Her influences are manifold, a testament to her diverse musical palette. What truly sets her apart is her authenticity, an unwavering commitment to delivering her best, and a genuine love for her craft.

Reading a crowd is an art that comes with experience. For Rislyn, creating a memorable experience hinges on understanding the venue, event, and most importantly, the audience. It’s a dynamic interplay that she navigates with finesse.

In the ever-evolving landscape of DJing, technology is both a tool and a canvas. Rislyn’s journey has seen her transition from virtual platforms to more advanced tools like Rekordbox, affording her greater control and creativity in her sets.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of the music industry, and Rislyn is open to working with a diverse array of artists. Her openness to learning from others is a testament to her humility and commitment to her craft.

Navigating the fine line between artistic integrity and commercial success is a challenge many artists face. For Rislyn, it’s about unwavering dedication and a refusal to compromise. Her belief in the power of her work is what propels her forward.

To aspiring DJs, Rislyn imparts a simple yet potent message: discipline, patience, dedication, and self-belief. She reminds them that while there may be detractors, it is their own conviction that will ultimately drive them to success.



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