Robbery at Udaipur’s Brahmabari with the Threat of Shooting


A gang of robbers fled with three cows from two separate places on the same night threatening to shoot them dead The incident took place in the area adjacent to Brahmabari and Jail Road under Radhakishorpur police station
It is known that a group of robbers escaped with two cows from the house of a man named Titu Datta in Brahmabari area under Radhakishorpur police station of Udaipur sub-division on Monday late night. When the owner of the house came out of the house after seeing the incident while stealing the cow, the group of robbers directly threatened to shoot him dead. The owner of the cow said that the market value of the two cows is about two and a half lakh rupees Meanwhile, on the same night, a group of thieves escaped with a cow from the house of a man named Balaram Debnath along Udaipur Jail Road. In the case of three cows being stolen from two places in the same night, a kind of panic has arisen among the cowherds Common people are raising questions about police security measures at night