Roman scripts for Kokborok gains momentum in Tripura


In a remarkable display of solidarity, representatives from 56 organizations convened in Agartala on Wednesday to champion the adoption of the Roman script for the Kokborok language. The gathering served as a powerful platform to advocate for the integration of Roman characters into Kokborok’s writing system, a move that holds significant promise for the language’s future.

The event witnessed a diverse range of participants, including linguistic experts, community leaders, educators, and passionate language enthusiasts, all united in their commitment to promote and preserve Kokborok. The conglomeration’s shared vision centered on harnessing the potential of the Roman script to bolster the language’s accessibility and vitality in the modern era.

By embracing the Roman script, proponents aim to streamline the written communication of Kokborok, empowering its speakers with a standardized and universally recognizable writing system. The simplicity and widespread familiarity of the Roman alphabet will enable seamless digital integration and facilitate broader exposure to Kokborok across various platforms.

One of the key advantages of adopting the Roman script lies in its potential to attract a broader audience. By bridging the gap between Kokborok and other languages, the Roman script opens avenues for cross-cultural exchange, enriching linguistic diversity and fostering mutual understanding. Additionally, this development holds particular significance for younger generations, whose exposure to global communication channels makes the Roman script a familiar and accessible tool for language acquisition.

The gathering in Agartala served as a resounding testament to the cultural importance of Kokborok and the determination to secure its future. The combined efforts of the participating organizations reflect the community’s collective will to preserve their heritage, empower their language, and create a strong sense of identity.

The adoption of the Roman script for Kokborok marks a milestone in the ongoing revitalization of indigenous languages. It not only enhances the visibility and reach of Kokborok but also fortifies the Tripuri people’s rich cultural tapestry. As the movement gains momentum, it is hoped that government institutions, educational bodies, and digital platforms will collaborate to facilitate a smooth transition to the Roman script, ensuring the long-term prosperity of the Kokborok language.

The Agartala gathering stands as a symbol of unity, igniting a renewed passion for Kokborok and its future. It signifies a promising stride forward in the journey to safeguard and celebrate the linguistic heritage of the Tripuri people, amplifying their voices and enriching the cultural mosaic of Tripura.



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