RPF Rescues 45 Minors, 3 Women from Human Trafficking; Arrests 32 Suspects

Railway Protection Force

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) of Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) successfully conducted extensive operations against human trafficking and theft between May 17 and May 31. These concerted efforts led to the rescue of 45 minors and three women, as well as the apprehension of 32 suspects involved in these illicit activities.

Acting on intelligence and surveillance, the RPF launched a series of coordinated raids across various railway stations and trains in the Northeast region. The operations aimed to identify and intercept human trafficking networks operating through the railways. Officers meticulously screened passengers and scrutinized suspicious activities, leading to the identification and rescue of vulnerable individuals.

Inspector General of the Railway Protection Force, Sanjay Agarwal, commended his team’s dedication and vigilance. “Our officers worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of passengers. The rescue of these 48 individuals is a significant achievement in our ongoing fight against human trafficking,” he said. Agarwal emphasized that the RPF will continue to enhance its efforts to protect the most vulnerable segments of society from exploitation.

The rescued minors and women are now under the care of local child welfare and social service organizations, which are providing them with necessary support and rehabilitation. Authorities are also working to reunite them with their families wherever possible. The apprehended suspects face charges related to human trafficking and are currently undergoing legal proceedings.

Human trafficking remains a persistent issue in the region, often exacerbated by economic hardship and limited employment opportunities. The Northeast Frontier Railway serves as a critical transportation route, making it a hotspot for traffickers. The recent operations by the RPF highlight the importance of vigilant law enforcement and community awareness in combating this heinous crime.

The RPF’s success in these operations has drawn praise from various quarters, including non-governmental organizations and local communities. They have lauded the force’s proactive approach and its role in safeguarding human rights. The RPF has reiterated its commitment to maintaining the pressure on traffickers and ensuring that the railways are safe for all passengers.

As the investigation continues, the RPF has vowed to remain vigilant and to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to dismantle trafficking networks. This series of rescues and arrests underscores the critical role of the Railway Protection Force in protecting the most vulnerable and maintaining security across the railway network.



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