Salema Market Godown Fire, Damage Around 1 Crore Rupees


A sudden fire broke out in the godown of Salema Bazar’s established businessman and owner of Abhinandan Stores, Vishnu Debnath, on Thursday afternoon. Initial estimate, the loss in the fire is around Rs.1 crore.

At around one in the afternoon on this day, local people noticed smoke coming from three godowns behind Abhinandan Stores in Salema Bazaar. Salema fire brigade was immediately informed. But their efforts failed to bring the fire under control. Then fire engines also rushed from Kamalpur and Ambasa. But three engines ran out of water before the fire was brought under control. Then the firemen tried to put out the fire by taking water from the nearby reservoir. After about an hour and a half of efforts, the fire was brought under control.

However, no one could tell the origin of the fire. Initially estimated, the businessman lost 1 crore rupees in the fire. Due to the incident panic has spread among the traders of Salema market in Dhalai district.



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