SC Orders Demarcation of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Boundaries


The Supreme Court has issued a directive to the Assam government, instructing them to demarcate the boundaries of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. This order comes as a response to a petition filed by environmental activists, highlighting the need for clear demarcation to prevent encroachments and protect the sanctuary’s biodiversity.

The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Morigaon district of Assam, is renowned for its population of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. However, over the years, the sanctuary has faced numerous challenges, including encroachments and illegal activities, posing a threat to the wildlife habitat.

The Supreme Court’s decision to intervene and order the demarcation of the sanctuary’s boundaries is seen as a significant step towards conservation efforts in the region. It aims to provide legal clarity on the extent of the sanctuary, enabling authorities to take effective measures to safeguard its ecological integrity.

The court’s order comes after a series of hearings where it took cognizance of the concerns raised by environmentalists regarding encroachments and illegal activities within the sanctuary. The petitioners argued that without proper demarcation, it would be challenging to enforce conservation laws and prevent further degradation of the habitat.

In response to the court’s directive, the Assam government has been tasked with carrying out the demarcation process promptly and effectively. This involves accurately mapping out the boundaries of the sanctuary and putting in place measures to prevent any further encroachments or illegal activities.

The demarcation of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary’s boundaries is expected to enhance its protection and management. It will enable authorities to better monitor and patrol the area, ensuring that wildlife conservation laws are strictly enforced.

Environmentalists and wildlife enthusiasts have welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision, emphasizing the importance of preserving biodiversity hotspots like Pobitora. They hope that the demarcation process will serve as a crucial step towards securing the sanctuary’s future and safeguarding the rich biodiversity it harbors.

As the demarcation process gets underway, all stakeholders, including government agencies, local communities, and conservationists, are urged to collaborate closely to ensure the effective protection of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and its precious inhabitants.



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