Security Forces Prevent Weapon Looting After Civilian Protests in Manipur


In a dramatic turn of events in Manipur’s Bishnupur district, a peaceful rally against the killing of four civilians escalated into an attempted weapon looting incident. The protest, held at Ningthoukong Kha Khunou, saw demonstrators expressing frustration with the perceived failure of authorities to safeguard villagers. Demanding weapons for self-defense, the situation escalated into a mob attempting to breach the 2nd Indian Reserved Battalion (IRB) camp in Naransena.

Clashes Erupt as Protesters Seek Arms:

The initially peaceful demonstration transformed into a mob, seeking to loot arms and ammunition from the IRB camp. Confrontations unfolded as IRB forces and Border Security Force (BSF) personnel stationed at the camp intervened to control the situation. Faced with the imminent threat of looting, security forces resorted to firing to disperse the crowd.

The clash resulted in injuries to five individuals: Huirem Boynao (21), Oinam Umakanta (24), Pebam Sana (21), Oinam Naobi (29), and Kongkham Tondonba (46). All five were promptly transported to Raj Medicity in Imphal for medical treatment. Of particular concern are the serious conditions of Huirem Boynao and Pebam Sana, both sustaining bullet injuries to critical areas.

Complex Security Challenges in Manipur:

The incident highlights the intricate security challenges faced by both authorities and the local population in Manipur. The escalation from a peaceful protest to an attempt to loot weapons underscores the urgency of addressing underlying concerns and maintaining law and order in the region.



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