Seven Shops Burnt to Ashes by Vandalism


Seven fruit shops were burnt to ashes by vandalism. Local people complain of negligence of the fire department. The incident happened on Saturday midnight in the area adjacent to Teliamura vegetable market.

Within moments the fire spread to the shops as well. The information was given at the Teliamura fire department office. Allegedly, the fire brigade took a long time to reach the spot. As a result, the flames of the fire started moving upwards.

Naturally, the crowd present at the scene erupted in anger Later, the fire was brought under control, but by that time, seven fruit shops were completely burnt to ashes. When asked to know the reason for the delay, the staff of the fire department told the people present that there was a delay in reaching the scene because there was only one driver.

They said that this delay is due to two calls coming at the same time However, later a vehicle was brought from Kalyanpur to bring the fire under control On the other hand, on the same day, a shop also caught fire in Gamaibari area under Teliamura police station Someone sets fire in the middle of the night There too a shop was completely gutted.



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