Shining Students of Best Makeup Academy in Chennai, Face Stories by Varsha


“We are thrilled to announce the remarkable success of ten talented students of Face stories by Varsha & her academy students who have recently embarked on an extraordinary journey as senior makeup artists in the glamorous realm of Bollywood. These aspiring artists, trained in Jan 2023 in Face Stories by Varsha, an esteemed makeup academy in Chennai, India have demonstrated exceptional dedication, creativity, and immense makeup skills throughout their rigorous training. With sheer passion and unwavering determination, they have now emerged as sought-after professionals in the thriving world of Indian cinema and Indian film industry.

These ten outstanding individuals have showcased their artistic prowess by successfully adapting to diverse film genres, whether it be the vibrant colours of a dance sequence or the intricacies of character makeup for period dramas. Their keen eye for detail, coupled with a deep understanding of cinematic requirements, allows them to create stunning and flawless makeup looks that enhance the actors’ performances.

Sakshi, Niveditha, Aarti and 7 more students are outperforming their journeys after being successfully trained under Varsha and finally getting placed in top film productions in india. New age marketing & business skills have not enhanced the additional skills in these talented students but also helped in boosting their knowledge and confidence. Varsha under her Celebrity Pro Makeup Course builds a normal makeup lover to a budding entrepreneur by adding the phenomenal makeup and intense marketing knowledge that she gained from her international experiences.

Well, once again we congratulate these students to shine brighter and thank Varsha for empowering women, being true and adding values from her hard work. Those who want to transform their lives in the booming makeup industry and be financially independent can go ahead to choose her course and academy in chennai. You can also get the idea of her choice which is commendable and classy too by following her on social media platforms and reserve your dates with her for your party, bridal and engagement makeover.

Check her Website to know more about her Professional Celebrity Makeup Course :



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