We all love covers and use them for not only the protection of our device but it has become a style partner in our life that showcase the personality and choice of the person.

Shashank Chand started his journey during the pandemic by deciding to start a phone case business company SINGH & CHAND. He made an Instagram page where he would upload pictures of the product and sell it.

SINGH & CHAND was established in the year 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic when everything was at a halt but Shashank’s passion did not rest. He saw and analyzed the market’s scope and where it was heading. He saw the trail and today he has grown to a level where his business delivers 1000+ orders a month.

Initially, started with a small investment of 20,000 INR. Shashank used to buy the covers from wholesalers, get done with his own branding, and market them on various promotional channels. Shashank used Instagram to reach his target audience but it had its demerits. Due to the limitation of budget, he was not having any team in the starting which made it difficult for him to focus on other things such as marketing, maintaining customer relations, etc.

But he was determined and his passion to start a business was not going to bow down. Before starting this business, he already had experience with Instagram business; his new venture combined with his knowledge and experience made it a huge success and slowly the covers that were only limited to iPhones now added One Plus, different types: Glass, Matt & Silicon, Mugs and pop sliders. Shashank says, “We were limited to iPhones, then we added One Plus covers, mugs, and pop sliders exclusively. Even while we sell a wide variety of products on Instagram, nowadays, our website only sells iPhones and One Plus covers, the rest models we take manually”

From getting 2-3 orders a day, now the website is performing well and they are getting 50+ orders daily. things changed drastically for them. He slowly and gradually increased the team and scaled the business and profitability of the business.

Seeing the good output, he bought his machinery and started manufacturing his customized products, these products were designed by his team and were marketed and sold by the same. But it was only after the hit-and-trial of 200 back covers that the 201st cover was the perfect one. The response from the audience was amazing and this continued to grow.

Since then the customization that the firm offers had become the USP of SINGH & CHAND. They offer customized products to the customer whether it is a phone case, mug, or pop slider totally as the customer demands.

One of the most challenging things that he faced was shipping. When an order was placed the next thing was the quality check of the product once the product matched the parameters and passed the test the following step was to pack the item and ship it. During the shipping phase, the shipping companies would charge as high as hundred and fifty rupees depending on the weight and type of the article. But with proper research and knowledge, he got the best.

Then began a new chapter in his life; the chapter of 2021. This was the turning point for Shashank, both professionally and personally. In the year 2021, there were a lot of problems that he faced, his family had medical problems, especially his father which directly impacted his business but he took care of his family and business together.

The vision of SINGH & CHAND is to expand all over India, to have their manufacturing centers and warehouses, and to deliver 1000+ orders daily!

Building a huge customer across the country and their satisfaction is what the firm has always focused on. To date, they never compromise the quality of their product, and neither do they disappoint them. You can visit their official website and avail the offers, frequent sales, and discounts on your purchase.

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