Stalwarts Discuss the Importance of Police-Public Relations in Enforcing Laws at Rural Awareness Programme in Tripura


A program focusing on the importance of police-public relations and enforcing the law was held at the Radhanagar community hall in Rajnagar community block, South Tripura. The event was attended by notable personalities including G.K. Rao, Y. Kumar, and L.H. Darlong, members of the Police Accountability Commission (PAC), as well as Dr. B.K. Kilikdar, member of the National Security Advisory Board, among others. The program was organized by both the PAC and the Tripura Adventure Social Expedition organization.

During the inauguration of the program, Liton Shil, the secretary of the Tripura Adventure Social Expedition organization, emphasized the need for cooperation between the police and the public in maintaining law and order. Saradindu Bhattacharjee, the secretary of the PAC, stressed the importance of upholding the rule of law in a constitutional democracy like India. He also discussed the significance of the Tripura Police Act of 2006, which was enacted following a Supreme Court order in the Prakash Singh case.

The additional SP (south) highlighted the importance of genuine cooperation between the public and the police to achieve a just and crime-free society. Dr. B.K. Kilikdar spoke about the significance of abiding by the law and understanding its tenets. He pointed out that while the 1861 police act, which was enacted by the British government, had previously been used to oppress people, the enactment of the Tripura Police Act of 2006 had changed the situation.

Other speakers, including Y. Kumar, L.H. Darlong, and G.K. Rao, also stressed the importance of policing and their responsibility towards the people, as well as the need for spontaneous public cooperation. The MLA of Rajnagar, Swapna Majumder, thanked the PAC and the Tripura Adventure Association for organizing the event and expressed the hope that more such programs would be organized in the future. After the speeches, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions, which were answered by the speakers.



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