STGT Job Aspirants Demand Recruitment and Results Publication in Tripura


On Friday, a group of STGT job aspirants staged a protest in front of the residence of Tripura’s Chief Minister, Dr. Manik Saha, demanding the recruitment of qualified youths. The issue of STGT recruitment gained significant attention prior to the 2023 assembly elections in Tripura when job aspirants repeatedly protested and demanded the publication of the STGT 2022 examination results.

However, with the assembly elections approaching, the recruitment process came to a halt, leading to frustration among the job aspirants. On Friday, a large number of them gathered outside the Chief Minister’s residence, seeking an appointment to address their concerns.

One of the job aspirants spoke to reporters, expressing their grievances. They highlighted the efforts they had put into preparing for the STGT 2022 examination and expressed disappointment that the results had not been published and the recruitment process remained incomplete. According to ground reports, there are over 5,000 vacant teaching positions in the state, exacerbating the shortage of teachers.

The unemployed job seekers appealed to the Chief Minister, who also holds the position of the state’s Education Minister, to address their hardships and complete the STGT recruitment process as soon as possible. They urged him to approach their plight with a humanitarian perspective, considering the high number of unemployed youths in the state and the pressing need for qualified teachers.

Furthermore, the job aspirants expressed their disappointment at not receiving any response or appointment from the Chief Minister’s office despite sending multiple letters requesting a meeting with Dr. Manik Saha. Their inability to engage in a constructive dialogue added to their frustration and fueled their determination to raise their voices through protests.

The prolonged delay in the STGT recruitment process has had a significant impact on the job aspirants, who have invested their time and effort into preparing for the examination. The lack of clarity regarding the results and subsequent recruitment has left them in a state of uncertainty, further exacerbating their already precarious employment situation.

It is crucial for the Tripura government to address the concerns of these job aspirants in a timely manner. By expediting the STGT recruitment process and publishing the examination results, the government can provide a sense of relief and hope to the unemployed youth who are eagerly seeking employment opportunities.

Moreover, addressing the shortage of teachers in the state is vital for the overall development of the education system in Tripura. Vacant teaching positions affect the quality of education and hinder the educational growth of students. Therefore, completing the recruitment process and filling these vacancies would not only address the job aspirants’ concerns but also contribute to the improvement of the education sector in the state.

The job aspirants’ protest and their demand for immediate action reflect the challenges faced by unemployed youth in Tripura. It is essential for the government to engage with them, listen to their grievances, and take prompt measures to address their concerns. This includes providing transparency in the recruitment process, ensuring timely publication of examination results, and offering opportunities for meaningful employment.

The STGT job aspirants’ protest in front of the Chief Minister’s residence highlights the urgent need to address their demands for recruitment and the publication of examination results. The government should take a compassionate approach, considering the plight of the unemployed youth and the pressing shortage of teachers in the state. By fulfilling their promises and expediting the recruitment process, the government can instill hope and pave the way for a brighter future for the job aspirants of Tripura.



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