Successful Joint Operation Yields Critical Intel and Arms Cache in Nagaland


In a remarkable display of collaboration and efficiency, a joint operation conducted today by Military Intelligence (ECIB), Security Forces, and the Longding Police has led to the apprehension of six hardcore cadres affiliated with the National Socialist Council of Nagaland – Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM).

The operation, fueled by specific intelligence provided by Military Intelligence (ECIB), unfolded in the general area between Longding town and Niausa. The coordinated efforts of the combined forces resulted in the successful capture of the identified individuals, marking a significant blow to the insurgent group.

Following their apprehension, the suspects underwent intense spot interrogation, revealing crucial information about a concealed arms cache situated between Knoknu and Khasa villages. Responding swiftly, the security forces extended their operation to the specified area, culminating in the recovery of a substantial arsenal.

Among the seized items were three MQ assault rifles, detonators, and various warlike stores, highlighting the gravity of the threat that had been lurking in the region. This successful operation not only neutralized immediate risks but also provided invaluable intelligence that can contribute to dismantling further insurgent activities in the area.

The collaborative nature of this operation, bringing together Military Intelligence, Security Forces, and local police, underscores the importance of unified efforts in maintaining national security. The commitment and effectiveness demonstrated by these agencies serve as a testament to their dedication to safeguarding the peace and well-being of the citizens in the region.

The operation’s success is expected to disrupt the activities of the NSCN-IM in the region, sending a clear message that security forces are vigilant and resolute in their mission to maintain law and order. As investigations continue, authorities will likely leverage the obtained intelligence to uncover additional layers of the insurgent network, further strengthening the region’s security apparatus.

In the face of evolving security challenges, such collaborative operations prove instrumental in ensuring the safety of communities and preserving the stability of the region. The recent success serves as a commendable example of the effectiveness of joint efforts in tackling security threats head-on.



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