Tarapur Border Haat at Kamalasagar to Reopen Following Successful Srinagar Haat Run

Tripura Border Haat


The governments of Tripura and Bangladesh have jointly decided to reopen the Tarapur Border Haat located in the Sepahijala district. The haat had remained closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but its reopening has been prompted by the successful operation of the Srinagar Border Haat along the Indo-Bangladesh boundary in South Tripura. A recent meeting of the border haat management committees from both countries has paved the way for the reopening, though necessary repairs to the haat’s infrastructure are required.

Tarapur Border Haat Set to Resume Operations After Pandemic Closure

After an extended closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tarapur Border Haat at Kamalasagar in Sepahijala district is preparing to reopen its doors. The decision to resume operations was made jointly by the governments of Tripura and Bangladesh, following the positive experience of the Srinagar Border Haat.

Joint Meeting Yields Agreement to Reopen Tarapur Border Haat

The border haat management committees of both Tripura and Bangladesh held a meeting, where they reached an agreement to reopen the Tarapur Border Haat. The meeting emphasized the importance of cross-border trade and the positive impact it can have on the local economies of both countries.

Repair and Restoration Efforts Required for Tarapur Border Haat Infrastructure

Due to the prolonged closure, the infrastructure of the Tarapur Border Haat, including electricity and water lines, has suffered damage. Officials from Tripura and Bangladesh jointly visited the haat on June 15 to assess the condition and determine the necessary repairs and restoration work required to make the haat fully functional.

Delegation of Officials Inspects Tarapur Border Haat

A delegation of officials from both Tripura and Bangladesh visited the Tarapur Border Haat to evaluate its current state. The delegation comprised representatives such as executive officers, assistant commissioners, engineers, and Border Security Force (BSF) company commanders. Their visit aimed to assess the condition of the haat and plan for its revival.

Tarapur Border Haat to Facilitate Cross-Border Trade Every Sunday

Once reopened, the Tarapur Border Haat will provide a platform for registered traders from nearby villages of India and Bangladesh to engage in cross-border trade. The haat will accommodate 25 traders from each country every Sunday, fostering economic cooperation and enhancing people-to-people connections between the two nations.


With the decision to reopen the Tarapur Border Haat, Tripura and Bangladesh are taking steps to revitalize cross-border trade and strengthen bilateral ties. The success of the Srinagar Border Haat has served as an inspiration, prompting the authorities to initiate the necessary repairs and restoration work at Tarapur. The reopening of the haat will provide opportunities for traders and foster economic growth in the region, ultimately benefiting both nations involved.



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