Tata Completed Its First Multi-Modal Shipment Of TMT To Tripura


Tata steel company completed its first multi-modal shipment of TMT bars of 960 tonnes from West Bengal to Tripura. The shipment was from Haldia port of West Bengal to Agartala on Thursday. All the transportation from the beginning to receiving materials in only about 17 days. This was a very convenient route economically as well as environmentally too.

As this export was successful Tata Steel chief group shipping Ranjan Sinha is very happy with this success. Talking about the previous year that is 2022, the company successfully shipped about 1800 tonnes of steel products. The transport was from West Bengal to Pandu port in Assam. It happened in the IBP route via the Brahmaputra river.

Ranjan Sinha said, “The possibility of using this route to service additional, smaller-lot regions along the river is also worth exploring. The Indo-Bangladesh Protocol route is more economical as well as environmentally responsible.”



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