Thansa is a New Jhumla, said Patal Kanya


Patal Kanya Jamatia criticized Bubagra Pradyot Manikya for the attacks in the recent few days back. She alleged that Bubagra is sponsoring the violent attacks on the BJP leaders in a different part of the state.

Tripura BJP State Vice President Patal Kanya Jamatia said that ‘Thansa’ is a new ‘Jhumla’ and alleged Bubagra Pradyot that one side he speaks of unity and on the other hand, the opposition parties are deprived of their rights.

“Pradyot Kishore Debbarman’s call of ‘Thansa’ is a new Jumla. In public space, he says that the unity of indigenous people is a vital precondition to achieving Greater Tipraland. On the other hand, TIPRA supporters are perpetrating attacks on opposition parties which is a direct violation of the rights of people belonging to opposition parties,” Jamatia said.

Claiming that thousands of people are leaving TIPRA Motha and joining BJP, she also added that about 2500 TIPRA supporters were about to join BJP but the program could not be held due to road blockage by the TIPRA supporters and also alleged that a BJP leader of the Takarjala area was attacked by the TIPRA Motha supporters.

“Today, there was a program at Takarjala where 2,500 TIPRA supporters were supposed to join the BJP. As soon as the schedule of our program was announced, Takarjala Mandal president Rabi Debbarma’s residence was ransacked. Our leaders were prevented from reaching Takarjala as roads were blocked by TIPRA supporters at Gabordi and Bishramganja. This should not be tolerated in a democratic setup,” Patal Kanya told the media.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Executive Member of TTAADC and General Secretary of TIPRA (Political Affairs) Animesh Debbarma said the TIPRA had no links with the attacks and that the attacks were an impulsive reaction to the BJP’s failure in delivering what the party had promised before.

“Patal Kanya Jamatia collected money from people to fight a case in the Supreme Court seeking NRC implementation in Tripura. Once she was one of the staunch critics of the BJP and campaigned extensively in the hilly areas with her agenda. She promised people that she would fight for the rights of indigenous people and that all illegal immigrants would be deported from the state. Now if people see, she is breaking their trust; outburst is natural and all the incidents taking place are only because of this,” Debbarma said.

He asked the BJP IT Cell to stop portraying the videos of the people from a different perspective. He also clarified that TIPRA is not against any parties and that their main objective is Greater Tipraland.