Tripura Upajati Ganamukti Parishad Demands 125th Amendment To Be Passed


The leader of the opposition CPIM Tripura Manik Sarkar on Saturday said that the demand of TIPRA Motha and the vision document of the BJP are similar things. He claimed that Pradyot Kishore Debbarman -led TIPRA’s demand of “Greater Tipraland” is an exactly identical approach to BJP’s “Vision Document” – a trap of inducement that has no possibility of coming true in the future.

“Greater Tipraland is almost similar to BJP’s vision document that comprised 299 pre-poll promises. Where is it today? Not a single promise made in the document was implemented and so is the future of Greater Tipraland demand,” said Sarkar while addressing a gathering organized by Tripura Upajati Gana Mukti Parishad at Kunjaban, Agartala.

Putting forth an 11-point charter of demand, CPIM’s tribal wing Tripura Upajati Ganamukti Parishad organized the rally jointly with its youth arm Tribal Youth Federation where thousands of people from far-flung tribal villages attended the massive public rally that started from the CPIM party headquarters. The huge population of the Tribal supporters showed that the left still has significant influences even after the rise of TIPRA Motha.

The recent elections in Tribal Council have shown that TIPRA has won the majority support in the Tribal areas as it defeated the left that ruled the council for 15 years. TIPRA won the majority defeating the BJP. So, the show of strength definitely bears a message that the Left is again trying to revive its stronghold ahead of the 2023 assembly elections.

“In 1967, TUJS (Tripura Upajati Juba Samity) was formed with almost similar demands. Parties like IPFT, INPT, and TIPRA are its descendants only. Have you ever seen TIPRA fighting for the fundamental problems of the tribal population? Neither TUJS at that time raised its voice nor TIPRA is taking up any kind of political movement to ensure a secured future for the people,” said Sarkar.

Slamming the ruling BJP, Sarkar said that majority of the people living in the villages are either directly or indirectly earning money from the government through various schemes like MGNREGA and other developments. “The Left Front worked extensively to raise a system where the beneficiary gets money in their hands. Unfortunately, TIPRA and the BJP have ruined the system.” Manik Sarkar added.

CPIM state secretary and president of Tripura Upajati Ganamukti Parishad Jitendra Chowdhury also trained his guns on TIPRA and said, “A regional party is demanding a constitutional solution to the problems being faced by tribal society. According to us, the constitutional solution is the 125th constitutional amendment Bill that has been put in the cold storage by the Modi government.”

“A delegation of our party had met the Governor of Tripura and apprised him of our problems. Being the constitutional guardian of the state, we have urged him to take up the issue with the Center and put pressure on the state government to make sure that this Bill is passed as soon as possible,” he added.