The CEO Within: A Remarkable Journey from SIM Salesman to CEO


In the vibrant streets of Dublin, Ireland, Poojesh, a determined young Indian with aspirations for a master’s in business, faced academic challenges and braved unpredictable weather. Juggling studies and high living costs, he ventured into a new stream of work armed with a backpack full of SIM cards. Standing resilient in the cold, Poojesh offered connectivity with a warm smile, turning Dublin’s streets into both a business arena and a testing ground for his determination. The struggle to sell SIM cards in sub-zero temperatures mirrored the uphill climb of his ambitions in this newfound venture.

Adding to his story, Poojesh tackled various part-time roles in Dublin’s challenging weather—distributing leaflets, working as a telecaller, and surveying trams in sub-zero temperatures and rain. These roles showcased his adaptability and contributed to his financial resilience, adding depth to his narrative of determination and versatility.

Navigating challenges in Dublin, Poojesh’s enduring entrepreneurial spirit led him back to India to embark on his venture. Immersed in digital marketing, he transformed his parents’ study laptop into a freelancing powerhouse, marking a dynamic chapter blending academic insights with practical skills.

In 2018, upon returning to India, Poojesh’s foray into digital marketing gained momentum. Skillfully acquiring new clients, he envisioned establishing “Digital Tenali,” blending innovative strategies with hometown inspiration. Managing ad spends exceeding 8 crores, leading the APAC region for a prestigious Japanese brand valued at 1.28 trillion Japanese yen, and serving numerous overseas clients marked Digital Tenali’s commitment to excellence.

Congratulations on six years of triumphs at Digital Tenali! Leading the digital marketing landscape, Poojesh and his exceptional team set a gold standard of excellence. The impactful journey spans aerospace, hospitality, real estate, fitness, salons, education, and more. Here’s to many more years of innovation and success in the digital age!

Looking ahead, Poojesh, steering Digital Tenali to new heights, is on the verge of completing his Ph.D. in digital marketing from the renowned Switzerland School of Business Management. Balancing entrepreneurial leadership with academic pursuits, he envisions contributing expertise to the dynamic field.

In reflection, Poojesh acknowledges that the unwavering support of his family, constant prayers of his parents, encouragement from his wife, and support of friends have been the backbone of his success. Coupled with divine blessings from Almighty Sai Baba and Lord Ganesha, their collective guidance has illuminated his path, transforming challenges into opportunities and making every triumph a shared victory.

Happy 30th birthday to Poojesh, a visionary leader, and congratulations on the 6th anniversary of your esteemed company, Digital Tenali. May this milestone not only signify the passage of time but also the ongoing ascent of success. Here’s to a year filled with both personal and professional accomplishments. Cheers to a leader who continually exemplifies excellence!




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