Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Deployment Of The Central Military Forces In Tripura For The Assembly Elections


Gitte Kirankumar Dinkarrao, the electoral officer, stated that the Election Commission has agreed to begin deploying central military troops to Tripura in the coming week.

According to authorities, the first batch of the 300 employees of central military forces is set to arrive in the northeastern state the next week for the preparation of the upcoming 2023 assembly elections in Tripura.

He informed the Press Trust Of India Limited (PTI) that Election Commission has agreed to begin sending central paramilitary troops to Tripura in the coming week, these soldiers will go by rail from various regions of the nation to ensure free and impartial elections in the regions.

He stated that they have looked for appropriate forces for holding elections peacefully, and the number will be decided in a few days. Tripura hosted 300 employees of central military troops for the 2018 Assembly elections.

The Chief Electoral Officer has met with officials from the departments of transportation, food, and civic supplies as well as Inspector General GS Rao, for providing central military forces to the different regions of the state. The district magistrates will take the necessary measures for the main troop’s operations.

The state police have already started flag marches in numerous regions of the state as part of efforts to boost public trust and have taken preventative steps to keep lawbreakers away from destroying the peace of the state.

Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan
As a journalist, I have a responsibility to learn the full story behind every incident. I conduct research, gather data, and present it as a authentic news to the people.

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