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PM On Heavily Investment in North East For “Act Fast For North East” and “Act First For North East”


PM Modi, on December 18, visited Shillong, and there he talked about his heavy investments in the region. He discussed the investments he is making in the motto of “Act fast for North East” and “Act first for North East.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to several regions of the North East, including Shillong, Tripura, Meghalaya, etc. There he attended the golden jubilee celebration of the North Eastern Council.

In the NEC celebration in Meghalaya, PM said that the center is spending Rs 7 lakhs crore. Which is greater than Rs 2 lakh crore after India’s independence. The program was built in 1971 and further inaugurated in the year 1972. The North Eastern Council program is the nodal agency for the sake of economic and social development. It is for all the North Eastern regions. The program comprises in total of eight states.

PM Modi showed his focus on changing the North East and bringing new changes and development. He further said, “For us, the North East is not the last part of the country, but the peace and development gateway for trade and other ties with Southern Asian countries.”

He talked about how good his government is doing in several regions of North East. Their government is not ignoring these areas. Also, he said the government’s vibrant border village program will amplify and develop by preventing outmigration.

Later he mentioned his governance and its growth in North East region. Mentioning the number of airports has increased from 9 to 16. Flights also increased from 900 to 1,900. Telling about how good his work is PM stated that the work is going great. He also told about digital improvements. Organic farming has also got benefits, etc.

PM Modi went to several places in North East and inaugurated many things. He discussed this briefly in his speech about his work. And the money he is investing in the development of North East.

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