The Left Front In Tripura Promises People To Provide 2.5 Lakhs Of New Employment

Left Front Tripura

The Left Front in Tripura, which is led by the Communist Party of India CPI(M), has released its manifesto for the upcoming state assembly elections, promising to bring back the previous pension plan, create 2.5 lakhs of new employment, and provide pensions to elderly people in the state.

The 15 pages of the policy document also included promises to give the tribal council greater power and to reinstate the 10,323 teachers who had been thrown away from their posts.

According to Left Front chairman Narayan Kar, everyone over 60 years of age with an annual salary of less than Rupees 1 lakh will receive a social pension. He also said that they will give a great level of autonomy to the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council.

He continued by saying that the Left Front will also reinstate the previous pension program and double the dearness allowance for government employees and to strengthen the rural economy, they also offered the poor people 200 days of labor annually.



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