The Musical Journey: DJ Rislyn’s Path from Enthusiast to Professional DJ


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to today’s interview with the talented DJ Rislyn. Today, we have the pleasure of delving into DJ Rislyn’s journey, exploring how her passion for music led her to pursue a career in DJing. From her early experiences as a music enthusiast to her memorable performances at prestigious venues and events, DJ Rislyn has carved a unique path in the music industry. Throughout this interview, we’ll gain insight into her musical style, influences, and the techniques she incorporates into her performances. Additionally, we’ll discover how DJ Rislyn strikes a balance between her artistic vision and the expectations of her audience. Join us as we uncover the story behind DJ Rislyn’s rise to success.

We are ready to begin the interview.

How did you first get interested in DJing, and what inspired you to pursue it as a career?

I got to know about Djing after I moved to Bangalore. It was something really new to me. I had very less idea about it, but it seemed very interesting to me because since my childhood I really loved listening to music and sometimes I would literally just think about who and how so many elements are added and mixed to make a beautiful track that’s so magical with peoples mood. Once I figured out about djing, I just wanted to learn and pursue it as a career as I was so much into it that I often used to go to clubs just to observe the DJs and listen to the mixes.

Can you tell us about your journey from being a music enthusiast to becoming a professional DJ?

It’s a long journey, at times I used to be too motivated and at times difficulties that even gave me a thought of giving up but all I can say now is that I am positively addicted to Djing and I think that’s what got me where I am today. Becoming a professional DJ took me a lot of patience, dedication, lot of experience, and the spirit of not giving up for sure.

As a DJ, you’ve had the opportunity to perform at various venues and events. Could you share one of your most memorable experiences or performances?

TBH every single experience and performance have given me different memories and I cherish them all. But if I have to pick just one it’s tough still I would say that my experience playing at The standard Maldives beach is just a paradise feeling where I played Balearic for many beautiful sunset sets.  Everyone just vibes the sunset along with the music and getting all wonderful compliments from guests around the world is beyond bliss.

How would you describe your musical style or genre? Are there any specific artists or DJs who have influenced your sound?

I am an open-format DJ. I don’t play just a specific genre. And I get influenced by many artists never just one. 

In today’s music industry, there are countless DJs and producers. What do you think sets you apart from the rest?

What sets me apart from the rest I think is just by simply being me, always giving my best no matter what, and respecting and valuing my work from my heart. I might sound a bit confident but honestly, sometimes I  really feel that I am born to do this 🙂

Djing requires a deep understanding of the audience and their preferences. How do you approach reading a crowd and creating a memorable experience for them?

Reading crowd comes from experience and I think the real fact of creating a memorable experience happens magically while playing, at that particular moment, which totally depends on understanding the type of crowd, the venue, and the type of event.

Technology has played a significant role in the evolution of djing. What are some of the latest tools or techniques you’ve incorporated into your performance?

Initially, I would just use raw tracks on virtual DJ and do random basic mixing, then I used Serato for some time and now I use rekordbox which I feel is more convenient for me, where I can analyze my tracks easily and it made easier to sort my tracks and do Key Matching and Harmonic Mixing Technique for smooth transitions. Also, my experience has now made me better at managing gain levels which is very important because different tracks come with different sound levels. And as an open-format DJ, I do multi-genre mixing at times, use effects, and try different things. I still have a lot to learn though.

As a DJ, you often collaborate with other artists and producers. Is there anyone you’d love to work with in the future, and why?

I would definitely love to collaborate and work with other artists but I just can choose one. For me, it’s never just looking up at one artist because I appreciate every other artist and I like and learn something from everyone I have worked with and I just look forward to working with many more.

Balancing creativity and commercial success can be challenging for artists. How do you find the right balance between staying true to your artistic vision and meeting the expectations of your audience?

Yes, it is a constant struggle, especially in a place where people just don’t value the hard work we as an artist put through bts. Many times I was not even paid after working really hard. But that doesn’t stop me from doing my best. I love and respect my Job and no matter how I am being treated, I remain focused on my goals and I deliver my best for my audience.

I do not compromise with my work in any situation. I always believe that my dedication to my work will speak my perspective and values, and who so ever recognizes this definitely respect and treat me as I deserve.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs who are just starting their journey n the music industry?

All I would like to say is to have discipline, less attitude, more patience, dedication and stay focused on your goals. Don’t get affected by what others say or treat you as, stay true to yourself and always try to give your best. There will be few people who don’t value you and your work, but there will be many more people who do but know that the first person has to be yourself. Always Believe in yourself and your dreams. 

If you could DJ at any historical event or iconic venue, which one would it be, and why?

I have always wanted to have the opportunity to play at World’s most Luxurious destination.

It’s a dream for most DJs, but definitely a dream for me, and at present I am really grateful and glad that I am living my dream as a DJ in Maldives. 

In conclusion,

DJ Rislyn’s journey from a music enthusiast to a professional DJ has been one of passion, dedication, and perseverance. Her genuine love for music, coupled with her unwavering determination, has propelled her to new heights in the industry. DJ Rislyn’s ability to read a crowd and create a memorable experience for her audience is a testament to her talent and experience. With a versatile approach to music and a commitment to staying true to herself, DJ Rislyn has set herself apart from the rest. As she continues to embrace the latest tools and techniques while collaborating with fellow artists, the future holds great promise for DJ Rislyn. Her advice to aspiring DJs resonates with the essence of her own journey, emphasizing discipline, patience, dedication, and self-belief. With dreams of performing at iconic venues and historical events, DJ Rislyn is living her passion and inspiring others to do the same. We eagerly anticipate the next chapter in DJ Rislyn’s flourishing career, as she continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional talent.



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