Thursday, February 2, 2023

The National Parties Wooing TIPRA MOTHA.


The news have been circulating news that the political parties , BJP and its opposition congress CPI-M alliance are trying to woo TIPRA MOTHA. TIPRA MOTHA is a political party of Tripura which is led by Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma . TIPRA MOTHA is led by the Tripura royal family . They are trying to do so since the votes of the party are really important in considering that who will rule the northeastern border state. The elections are going to be in the February next month. The TIPRA MOTHA has been demanding a greater Tipraland . It would comprise of all the areas where the tribals of Tripura live.


The ruling parties that is BJP and its opponents have been trying to gain the support of the TIPRA MOTHA, the party ruled by the royals of Tripura. This is being taken place due to the support that the MOTHA will be bringing if it joins hands with any of the party.

But there have been some demands of the TIPRA MOTHA. The party has demanded a Greater Tipraland. This ,if formed , would include all the areas in which the tribals of Tripura live including the TTADC areas. The MOTHA stated that it would support any party or alliance which can agree to its demands.

The experts and analysts states that the statehood demand will be affecting the results in 20 assembly seat. Here, the tribals hold considerable effect electorally , in the 60- member house.

The Chief of The TIPRA MOTHA also stated that his party would be willing to form an alliance with any of the national party who provides a solution for their demand of the indigenous people of Tripura who forms one-third of the states estimated 40 lakh population.

The party wants the centre to take some actions in its demand , but has got no response till now. Majority of the parties have though rejected the demand if the state and called it “separatist and divisive”.

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