TIPRA Motha Party Founder Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma Steps Down as Chairman


“Tripura’s Principal Opposition Party, TIPRA Motha, Concludes Plenary Meeting with Founder Pradyot Debbarma’s Resignation as Chairman”

TIPRA Motha Party, recently wrapped up its inaugural plenary meeting following the Assembly elections held in February. The gathering was marked by a significant announcement made by the party’s founder, Pradyot Debbarma. He expressed his decision to step down from his role as chairman while committing to continue his service as an “ordinary member” of the party. This pivotal decision coincided with the adoption of TIPRA Motha’s maiden constitution and a resolute commitment to engage with grassroots workers across all five zonal areas of the Tribal Council.

Speaking at the valedictory session held at Khumulwng, the headquarters of the Tripura Autonomous District Council (ADC), Pradyot emphasized the importance of unity and standing together during challenging times. He highlighted that achieving “Thansa” (unity in Kokborok) required more than just grand speeches. Pradyot’s comments were seen as a veiled reference to party leaders believed to be against his stance on not joining the BJP-led state government.

Pradyot emphasized the need to explain the party system to the people and implement a bottom-up approach to the party structure. He proposed the formation of committees at the block and district levels with key positions such as President, Vice President, General Secretary, and Organizational Secretary. Additionally, he urged party members to prepare for ADC village committee elections.

During his speech, Pradyot also took aim at other political parties, including Congress, BJP, and regional parties, accusing them of practicing dynasty politics. He contrasted their approach with TIPRA Motha’s focus on promoting common tribals instead of his own family. Pradyot expressed frustration with some Motha leaders and supporters, admitting mistakes had been made. He highlighted the need to prioritize the community’s interests over personal gain.

Pradyot revealed that former MLA Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl would take over as the party’s president, and the party would function according to the newly adopted constitution. He reaffirmed his commitment to fighting for the rights and interests of tribals, vowing to resist the BJP’s divisive tactics.

Political analysts speculate whether Pradyot’s decision to step down as chairman will be influenced by external pressure, but many believe he will retain significant influence within the party. The move is seen as a shift away from brinkmanship politics. Some MLAs within the party are reportedly eager to join the government and become ministers, possibly leading TIPRA Motha to align with the BJP in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Pradyot’s decision to focus on broader issues resonates with his previous resignation from Congress over the NRC revision and Citizenship Amendment Act, which he considered discriminatory towards tribals. As the scion of Tripura’s erstwhile royal Manikya dynasty and a graduate in History from Shillong, Pradyot has consistently emphasized the importance of historical lessons in his party meetings.

TIPRA Motha was founded with the demand for a separate Greater Tipraland state for tribals, claiming they had been neglected under previous political regimes since Tripura’s merger with India. However, the party revised its stance before the recent Assembly elections, advocating for an autonomous state within Tripura, supported by direct funding from the central government to empower tribal development.

Pradyot’s decision to step down as chairman sets a new course for TIPRA Motha, with expectations of continued influence and an evolving approach to tribal empowerment and governance.



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