TMC is The Only Alternative in Tripura Claims Sushmita Dev


Trinamool Congress MP Sushmita Dev said that voting for Congress will provide power to BJP during the TMC’s party’s nomination submission rally organized at Agartala.

All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) Rajya Sabha MP Sushmita Dev on Friday spoke about her party’s relentless movements against the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and claimed that casting votes in favor of other opposition parties like Congress will eventually help the BJP stay in power for longer years.

Sushmita Dev, in her statement, stated that some issues developed after their former health minister Sudip Roy Barman joined the Congress. Barman’s switch to the Congress practically paralyzed the TMC as all the aggrieved BJP leaders who once shook hands with TMC returned to the grand old party and that TMC is the only alternative in Tripura claims Sushmita Dev.

“As long as people keep voting for the Congress, the BJP shall be in power. Congress is meant for sitting in the opposition, letting the BJP win state after state. People of the state have witnessed how the TMC has worked hard during the urban body polls. We have fought the BJP head and the Congress was silent then. Now, if the opposition votes go to Congress it will act as an advantage for the BJP,” said Dev while speaking to the reporters during the rally.

While urging the voters to support the Trinamool Congress, Sushmita Dev claims that their leader Mamata Banerjee is the fiercest face of opposition in Tripura as well as at the national level. Dev also claimed that the TMC is the only alternative in the state and that all other parties have lost their credibility to the public.

The TMC state president Subal Bhowmik said the party is confident enough of defeating the BJP in all the four constituencies. Both the candidates of 6-Agartala and 8-Bordowali ACs filed their nomination papers on Friday followed by a rally in the city.

“The party high command has approved the names of Panna Deb for 6-Agartala, Neel Kamal Saha for 8-Bordowali, Arjun Sarkar for 46-Surma, and Dr. Mrinal Kanti Debnath for 57-Jubarajnagar assembly constituencies as Trinamool Congress candidates,” said Subal Bhowmik.