Tragic Bee Attack Claims Life in Morigaon: Calls for Urgent Action


In a heartbreaking incident on January 9, a swarm of bees claimed the life of Deepak Nandy, also known as Madhu, in front of Morigaon Shaheed Bhawan. The victim suffered severe injuries during the attack and, despite immediate transportation to Morigaon Civil Hospital, was pronounced dead on arrival by medical professionals.

This unfortunate incident has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting concerns about the longstanding issue of a troublesome bee hive near the Shaheed Bhawan. Reports indicate that this particular hive has been a source of worry for some time, with multiple individuals falling victim to bee attacks. Astonishingly, despite these incidents, no decisive action has been taken by any department or administration in Morigaon to address the matter.

Deepak Nandy, widely recognized as the owner of Quality Hotel in Morigaon, was a prominent figure in the community. His untimely demise has further intensified the need for immediate measures to tackle the bee-related hazards in the area.

Local residents and businesses alike have expressed their frustration and concern over the lack of action, emphasizing the potential dangers posed by the unchecked bee hive. The tragic loss of Deepak Nandy serves as a stark reminder of the urgency required to address this issue and prevent further harm to the community.

Efforts must be directed towards conducting a thorough assessment of the bee hive and implementing appropriate measures to mitigate the risks it presents. Community leaders, along with relevant authorities, are urged to collaborate in formulating a strategy that ensures the safety of residents and visitors in Morigaon.

The incident has sparked a renewed call for proactive measures to address not only the immediate threat but also to prevent similar tragedies in the future. The legacy of Deepak Nandy, remembered as Madhu, should serve as a catalyst for change, prompting the local administration to prioritize public safety and take swift action to neutralize the bee hive threat.

As Morigaon grapples with the aftermath of this tragic incident, the community remains united in the hope that the loss of Deepak Nandy will not be in vain, and that steps will be taken promptly to address the long-standing concern of the hazardous bee hive near Shaheed Bhawan.



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