Tragic Electrocution at Assam Petrol Depot Claims Worker’s Life


In a tragic incident, a petrol depot worker met an untimely demise through electrocution at the Tirap Colliery Bharat Petrol Pump in Ledo, Tinsukia, Assam. The unfortunate event unfolded on Saturday, marking a somber day for the community.

Victim Identified: Petrol Pump Worker Pappu Baruah Succumbs to Electrocution

The victim, identified as Pappu Baruah and residing in Margherita’s Segunbari, lost his life after coming in contact with a live wire. The incident occurred while Baruah was engaged in the transportation of oil barrels from a truck to an excavator at the petrol pump.

Incident Details Unveiled

The electrocution took place during the routine work of transferring oil barrels, revealing the inherent dangers faced by workers in such environments. Despite immediate efforts from bystanders to save Baruah, the severity of the electrocution resulted in his tragic death at the scene.

Investigation Initiated into Electrocution Tragedy

Promptly responding to the incident, authorities have initiated an investigation to ascertain the circumstances leading to the fatal electrocution. The focus will be on understanding the safety measures in place at the petrol pump and identifying potential lapses that may have contributed to the tragedy.

No Further Casualties or Property Damage Reported

While the incident claimed the life of Pappu Baruah, there were no reported injuries to other individuals or damages to property. The incident underscores the importance of stringent safety protocols in workplaces, particularly those involving hazardous materials like petroleum.



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