Tragic Human-Elephant Conflict Claims Family in Bokajan, Assam


In a heartbreaking incident, a herd of wild elephants claimed the lives of four individuals, including two children, in Bormanthi village under the East Forest range of Bokajan in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district. The victims, identified as Rebecca Kerketa (28), Kanya Tiria (50), and two minor children from the same family, fell victim to the elephants as they were returning home from their paddy field.

Devastating Man-Elephant Conflict Claims 4 Lives in Bokajan

The tragedy unfolded around 3 pm when the family encountered the herd of two elephants, leading to a fatal confrontation. Despite the swift response of police and forest personnel, the victims had no chance of escape, and their bodies were recovered from the scene.


This unfortunate event sheds light on the persistent issue of human-elephant conflict in the region, exacerbated by rampant deforestation that pushes elephant herds into human habitats in search of sustenance. The conflict has resulted in casualties on both sides, with elephants facing threats such as collisions with trains, electrocution, and injuries sustained during conflicts with humans.

The incident in Bokajan adds to a series of tragic encounters, echoing previous incidents where individuals, including children, lost their lives to wild elephants. Efforts to mitigate the conflict include measures to address deforestation, establish protective corridors for elephants, and raise awareness among local communities.

The ongoing challenge highlights the need for comprehensive strategies that balance conservation efforts with the safety and well-being of both human populations and wildlife.



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