Tripura CM Pushes for Smart City Mission Project 2.0 to Boost State Development

Tripura CM

Tripura Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha revealed on Monday his intention to propose the implementation of Smart City Mission Project 2.0 in the state, aimed at advancing development initiatives. Saha emphasized the need to engage with senior leaders in the Centre to advocate for this initiative, which seeks to undertake comprehensive developmental activities across Tripura.

The Smart City Mission, initially launched by the Government of India, focuses on transforming cities into sustainable and citizen-friendly urban centers through strategic infrastructure and technological interventions. Saha’s proposal for Smart City Mission Project 2.0 aims to build upon the successes and experiences of the first phase, enhancing urban living standards and bolstering economic growth within Tripura.

Speaking on the potential impact of the proposed project, Saha underscored its role in modernizing urban infrastructure, promoting efficient public services, and ensuring sustainable urban development across the state. He highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to address urban challenges, improve citizen services, and create opportunities for economic growth.

The Chief Minister’s initiative aligns with Tripura’s aspirations to achieve comprehensive urban development, catering to the evolving needs of its residents and enhancing the overall quality of life. By advocating for Smart City Mission Project 2.0, Saha aims to secure necessary support and resources from the Central government to implement transformative urban projects across Tripura.

Furthermore, Saha emphasized the potential benefits of integrating smart technologies and innovative solutions into Tripura’s urban landscape, fostering inclusive growth and resilience against future challenges. He expressed confidence that the proposed initiative would not only elevate Tripura’s urban infrastructure but also stimulate economic activities and attract investments in various sectors.

As discussions progress, Saha affirmed his commitment to collaborating closely with stakeholders and municipal authorities to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the implementation of Smart City Mission Project 2.0. He reiterated the state government’s dedication to leveraging national initiatives effectively to propel Tripura towards sustainable urban development and prosperity.



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