Tripura: Congress, TIPRA Leaders Discuss Potential Alliance


In a significant political development ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, Tripura Congress leaders, under the leadership of President Ashis Kumar Saha, held a crucial meeting with Tipra Motha representatives to explore alliance possibilities.

Exploring Alliance Prospects

The meeting between Congress and Tipra Motha leaders indicated potential political maneuvering as both parties discussed the prospect of an alliance. Opposition Leader Animesh Debbarma’s statement added further weight to the discussions.

Historical Acknowledgment

Debbarma acknowledged the historical contributions of leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to Tripura, underscoring the Congress’s deep understanding of the state’s issues.

Post-meeting, plans were unveiled for Congress leaders to travel to Delhi for discussions with the party’s central leadership, while Tipra Motha representatives would engage in similar talks at their party level.

The meeting, held at the Tripura Legislative Assembly’s Opposition Leader chamber, centered on political dialogue, emphasizing the need for unity in combating fascist forces.

Tripura Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman emphasized the necessity of opposition unity, highlighting the legitimate demands presented by Tipra Motha and the alignment of thoughts between Pradyot Kishore Debbarma and the Congress.

Following the talks with Tipra Motha, Tripura Congress chief Ashish Kumar Saha described the discussions as ‘cordial’ and expressed readiness to continue dialogue with the party’s high command. Saha reaffirmed Tripura Congress’s commitment to taking necessary steps to counter the BJP’s influence in the region.



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