Tripura Forest Department Plans Agar Market Boost


The Tripura Forest Department is gearing up to establish a comprehensive Agar market in the Kadamtala area of North Tripura. This initiative aims to bolster the agar-based industry within the northeastern state, according to an official statement.

The decision to set up the Agar market comes as part of efforts to support and promote the agarwood sector, which holds significant economic potential for the region. Agarwood, also known as agar or oud, is a highly valuable resinous wood renowned for its fragrance and use in perfumes, incense, and traditional medicines.

The establishment of the Agar market in Kadamtala is expected to provide a dedicated platform for agarwood producers and traders to showcase their products and facilitate better market access. This move is anticipated to streamline the supply chain and create opportunities for local agarwood entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.

Furthermore, the initiative aims to attract investment in the agarwood industry by providing a conducive market environment and promoting sustainable practices in agarwood cultivation and harvesting. By fostering the growth of the agar-based sector, the Tripura Forest Department seeks to enhance the livelihoods of local communities and contribute to the economic development of the state.

More About It

The Kadamtala area, situated in North Tripura, was selected as the location for the Agar market due to its strategic significance and accessibility. The establishment of the market in this region is expected to facilitate trade and commerce related to agarwood products, thereby stimulating economic activity and promoting rural development.

In addition to serving as a trading hub for agarwood, the Agar market in Kadamtala will also offer facilities for quality testing, packaging, and storage of agarwood products. This integrated approach aims to ensure the quality and authenticity of agarwood products while meeting the growing demand from domestic and international markets.

The Tripura Forest Department’s initiative to set up the Agar market underscores its commitment to promoting sustainable forest management practices and harnessing the potential of natural resources for socio-economic advancement. Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders, the department seeks to establish Tripura as a leading hub for agarwood trade and contribute to the overall prosperity of the region.



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