Tripura Forest Department Plans Agar Market in Kadamtala Area

Forest Department

The Tripura Forest Department has embarked on a significant endeavor to establish a full-fledged Agar market in the Kadamtala area of North Tripura. This strategic move aims to bolster the agar-based industry in the northeastern state and create new avenues for economic growth.

Agar, a resinous substance derived from certain trees, is widely utilized in various industries, including perfumery, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Recognizing its economic potential, the Tripura Forest Department has taken proactive steps to promote the cultivation and trade of agar products.

According to forest department officials, the proposed Agar market will serve as a centralized hub for agar-related activities, including the sale and purchase of agarwood, essential oils, and other agar-based products. The establishment of this market is expected to streamline the supply chain and provide a platform for local agarwood growers and traders to showcase their products.

The decision to set up the Agar market in Kadamtala comes as part of the state government’s broader efforts to revitalize the forestry sector and harness the potential of non-timber forest products. By facilitating the marketing and distribution of agarwood and its derivatives, Tripura aims to boost rural livelihoods and promote sustainable forest management practices.

Forest Department Plans

In addition to providing a dedicated marketplace for agar products, the initiative is also poised to attract investment and enhance the overall competitiveness of Tripura’s agar industry. Forest department authorities have expressed optimism about the market’s potential to attract buyers from both domestic and international markets, thereby driving economic growth and employment generation in the region.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Agar market aligns with the state government’s commitment to promoting environmentally sustainable industries and fostering inclusive development in rural areas. Through collaborative efforts between government agencies, private stakeholders, and local communities, Tripura aims to leverage its rich natural resources for socioeconomic progress and environmental conservation.

As preparations for the Agar market move forward, forest department officials have emphasized the importance of stakeholder engagement and consultation to ensure the successful implementation of the project. With its strategic location and robust infrastructure, the Kadamtala Agar market is poised to emerge as a pivotal hub for agar trade and contribute significantly to Tripura’s economic growth trajectory.



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