Tripura Government Grants 5% DA for Employees and Pensioners


In a noteworthy development aimed at enhancing the financial stability of government employees and pensioners, Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha announced a 5% Dearness Allowance (DA) effective from January 1, 2024. This marks the third occasion under his leadership that such an increment has been declared.

Addressing the Tripura Legislative Assembly on the third day, Chief Minister Saha reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting its workforce, even amidst challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlighted the administration’s proactive approach, contrasting it with other governments that had to suspend salaries.

“With great pleasure, I announce a 5% DA for government employees and pensioners, reflecting our dedication to their welfare. In the face of adversity, our government has consistently prioritized the well-being of our workforce. This decision will result in an additional expenditure of Rs 500 crores from the government,” stated Dr. Saha.

The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of this decision, recognizing its substantial impact on the lives of over 1 lakh 6 thousand government employees and 82,000 pensioners.



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