Tripura government Passed Bill to Set Up Two Private Universities and Reduce Stamp Duty for Women


The state government has introduced a bill to set up two private universities in Tripura and reduce stamp duty for women. Yesterday in the Legislative Assembly, the Acting Minister of Higher Education and Revenue Department and Chief Minister Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha raised those three bills.
On this day, the Chief Minister introduced two bills to establish Aryabhatta International University and Techno India University. Those two universities will mainly be run under private management. Thereby, Tripura government will not have to bear the financial cost. Basically, the Tripura government claimed that the two bills were introduced to promote higher education.
Meanwhile, the Tripura government has introduced the sixth amendment to the Stamp Duty Bill aimed at empowering women. That is what is mentioned in the bill. According to the bill, women will have to pay 4 percent stamp duty on the purchase or sale of property instead of the previous 5 percent. In this regard, the Tripura government has reduced the stamp duty by 1 percent for women only.



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