Tripura Government Takes Action Against Severe Heatwave Condition, All State Schools to Remain Closed This Week


The Chief Minister of Tripura, Manik Saha, has announced the closure of all government schools in the state due to severe heatwave conditions. With temperatures hovering around 37 degrees Celsius and expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius in the next five days, Saha expressed concern about the adverse impact of such scorching heat on the health of students, which prompted the government to close down schools for a week. The closure affects 4,226 state-run and state-aided schools with 7.02 lakh students, and the Chief Minister has urged private schools to follow suit. However, colleges and universities in the state will continue to function as usual.

The announcement came after a report from IMD Agartala warned that the next five days in the state would remain warmer with no chances of rain. Yesterday’s temperature was recorded at 38.9 degrees Celsius, higher than normal, and there is no chance of exceeding the temperature by more than 40 degrees. This severe heatwave condition could potentially harm students and disrupt their learning process.

The closure of schools is a necessary step to ensure the health and safety of students. However, it also highlights the need for proper infrastructure and facilities in schools to tackle such extreme weather conditions. The Tripura government needs to take further measures to provide a conducive learning environment for students and ensure their safety, especially during such adverse weather conditions.



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