Tripura Government Toughens Stand Against Drug Trade: CM


Agartala: Tripura’s Chief Minister, Manik Saha, declared on Monday that Tripura was the first in the Northeast to seize contraband items.

Speaking on the matter, the Chief Minister stated that 1,776 cases were recorded and 2,701 individuals had been arrested.

“Between January 2018 and August 2022 a total of 1,766 cases were registered in the state. In connection with those cases, 2,701 people have been arrested. Over 1, 92, 0000 kgs of Ganja, 8, 08,038 cough syrup, 45, 63, 000 tablets, and 18,073 kilograms of heroin were seized during this period. The total value of the seized items is several crores,” Dr. Saha said.

Tripura DGP Amitabha Ranjan said that Tripura is soon going to get included in the national network of anti-narcotic investigation agencies.

So far, we have seen that the majority of drugs that arrive inside Tripura are identified as synthetic drugs. As instructed by the chief minister, we have already set up a special investigation agency to expedite the investigation.

“We are also planning to host an anti-narcotic coordination meeting here in Agartala after which the anti-narcotic task force that has been formulated already will start operation. The task force will work in coordination with their counterparts of similar operations formed in other states. This will smoothen the pace of the investigation,” said DGP Ranjan.