Tripura: John Jamatia Receives Rs.1 Lakh Award from TTAADC Government


In a moment of celebration for Tripura’s sports community, rising football star John Jamatia has been honored with a significant award of Rs. 1 lakh (one lakh rupees) by the TTAADC (Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council) Government. The award ceremony, held today, witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries including TTAADC Chief Executive Member (CEM), Executive Members (EMs), and Members of District Councils (MDCs).

John Jamatia, recognized for his exceptional prowess on the football field, has not only brought pride to his state but has now been acknowledged with a monetary award that reflects his dedication and achievements in the sport. The TTAADC Government, committed to promoting and encouraging talent in various fields, chose to honor John Jamatia for his outstanding contributions to football.

During the award ceremony, the TTAADC CEM, along with EMs and MDCs, expressed their admiration for John’s skills and presented him with a cheque of Rs. 1 lakh. The ceremony was a symbol of recognition and encouragement for the young athlete, underscoring the importance of supporting and nurturing sporting talent within the region.

John Jamatia’s journey from a local football enthusiast to a recipient of a prestigious award highlights the growth and potential within Tripura’s sports landscape. The TTAADC Government’s proactive approach in acknowledging and rewarding individuals for their accomplishments not only serves as motivation for aspiring athletes but also showcases the commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in sports.



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