Tripura Man Killed From Lightning Strike


A 28-year-old man died while sleeping after getting struck by lightning in his house on Saturday night in Uttar Bijaypur village of Sabroom in South Tripura district.

 A piece of heavy rain news was surveyed in Tripura which spoiled the Durga puja fervor. A Bolt of powerful lightning struck the thatched hut early in the morning when the youth was asleep. Mog died instantly.

After this incident, the police said that the other members of the family are safe. At the hospital where he was taken the doctor declared that the men died on way to the hospital.

The rain made the weather humid and cold down the weather due to the rain till Sunday.

The weather agency said that the rainy weather will continue in Tripura for at least 24 hours. It said that the withdrawal of the southwest monsoon from Tripura has been extended for another two weeks due to a sudden change in the movement of high moisture air.