Tripura: Man Stabs Wife To Death, Surrenders Before Police


A man in the Srirampur area killed his wife gruesomely with a sharp weapon.
The 35-year-old wife was stabbed to death by her husband as a result of a dispute.
The victim was Manika Debbarmma and the accused was Anil Debbarma.

After killing his wife, the accused surrendered himself to the police at the Kamalpur police station.

Anil Debbarma said he and his wife had a lot of fights. Even on Saturday morning, they had a similar dispute that proved to be their last.

Anil and Manika had a heated argument after which Anil hit her with a sharp object.
The attack by Anil on his wife resulted fatally as she received severe injuries to her head. She died on the spot.

Her family tried to take her to the hospital but she had already died and the doctors reported her dead.
Police have registered a case under IPC 302/2022 and initiated further investigation.