Tripura Massive Ganja Destruction Drive: Over 205,000 Plants Eradicated in Joint Operation


Law enforcement agencies collaborated to eradicate an extensive cultivation of immature Ganja plants across forest lands. On December 17, 2023, a coordinated effort involving the Sepahijala district Police, TSR contingent from the 7th, 11th, and 15th Battalion, and CRPF 140 Battalion resulted in the destruction of approximately 205,500 immature Ganja plants.

The operation targeted multiple locations, covering a vast expanse of 102.75 acres of forest lands. The swift and decisive action was taken on the spot, with the collaborative efforts of the police personnel and paramilitary forces.

The eradication drive is a significant step in curbing illegal cultivation and the potential spread of narcotics. The coordinated efforts reflect the commitment of law enforcement agencies to address issues related to drug cultivation and trafficking.

Officials have yet to determine the individuals responsible for the illegal cultivation, and investigations are underway to trace the source of the Ganja plantation. Such proactive measures are essential in maintaining the integrity of forest lands and preventing the negative impact of illicit activities on the environment.

The successful joint operation showcases the effectiveness of inter-agency collaboration in combating illegal activities. It also serves as a warning to those engaging in illegal cultivation that law enforcement agencies are actively working to curb such activities and maintain the sanctity of forested areas.



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