Tripura opposition leader: Animesh Debbarma’s Push for Kokborok Education


In a move towards cultural integration, Animesh Debbarma, the opposition leader in Tripura, has urged the state government to introduce mandatory Kokborok language education in schools.

Promoting Linguistic Harmony

Debbarma emphasizes the importance of embracing diverse languages, pointing out the widespread acceptance of Bengali among the indigenous people of Tripura. He sees language as a unifying factor and calls for efforts to overcome linguistic barriers.

Stressing the government’s role in fostering unity, Debbarma specifically calls on Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha to facilitate the production of textbooks and question papers in Kokborok. He suggests using the Roman script to cater to the preferences of Kokborok speakers and learners.

Advocating for the inclusion of both Roman and Bengali scripts in educational materials, Debbarma aims to honor the linguistic preferences of the indigenous people of Tripura. This approach seeks to bridge cultural gaps and promote a more inclusive educational environment.

Animesh Debbarma’s proposal signals a desire for cultural preservation and understanding. By promoting Kokborok education, Tripura can take a step towards acknowledging and celebrating its linguistic diversity.



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