Tripura: Outrage as Controversial Chairman Appointed for Kokborok Script Committee Again, Kokborok-Speaking People Vow to Boycott


Allegations of Ignoring Kokborok-Speaking Community’s Sentiments Fuel Anger and Demand for Majority’s Views to be Implemented

Date: July 6, 2023

In a shocking move that has sparked widespread discontent, the government of Tripura has once again appointed Dr. Atul Debbarma as the convenor of the Kokborok Script Committee. This decision has led to an immediate uproar among the Kokborok-speaking community, who have vowed to boycott the committee altogether.

Dr. Atul Debbarma’s initial appointment as chairman in 2018, while he held the position of MLA, was met with high hopes and expectations from the Kokborok-speaking people. However, the committee’s performance during his tenure was deemed a complete failure, leaving the community deeply disillusioned.

The reappointment of Dr. Debbarma has raised questions about the government’s commitment to addressing the concerns and sentiments of the Kokborok-speaking population. Accusations against Dr. Debbarma include his alleged refusal to acknowledge the importance of the Roman script, despite it being the preferred choice of the majority of Kokborok speakers.

Members of the Kokborok-speaking community argue that there is no need for another committee when the majority’s views are already clear. They are calling for the immediate implementation of the Roman script, which they believe will be more inclusive, accessible, and aligned with the sentiments of the community.

This controversial decision has ignited accusations of playing politics with the language issue, as the government’s choice of Dr. Debbarma is seen by many as disregarding the genuine concerns and aspirations of the Kokborok-speaking people.

Protests and demonstrations have erupted across Tripura, with the Kokborok-speaking community voicing their discontent and demanding a reversal of the appointment. Social media platforms have been flooded with hashtags such as #RespectKokborokSentiments and #ImplementMajorityViews, amplifying the community’s united stand against what they perceive as a betrayal of their language and culture.

As tensions escalate, the government of Tripura now faces mounting pressure to address the legitimate grievances of the Kokborok-speaking people and find a resolution that respects their aspirations. The fate of the Kokborok Script Committee hangs in the balance, with the government urged to act swiftly and responsibly to prevent further alienation and division within the community.



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