Tripura Partners with NASSCOM to Integrate Digital Skills in Education


The Tripura government has signed a groundbreaking agreement with the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) to incorporate digital skills into the academic curriculum. This initiative, supported by NITI Aayog, aims to prepare the youth for the digital age by equipping them with expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain.

Announcing the partnership, Tripura’s Chief Minister emphasized the importance of digital literacy in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. “This collaboration with NASSCOM is a significant step towards empowering our students with the skills needed to thrive in a digital world,” he said. The government believes that integrating these advanced digital skills into education will not only enhance the employability of Tripura’s youth but also contribute to the broader vision of a digitally advanced India.

NASSCOM, known for its pivotal role in India’s IT sector, will work closely with educational institutions across Tripura to develop and implement a curriculum that addresses the demands of the modern workforce. By introducing AI, ML, and blockchain into the academic framework, the initiative seeks to bridge the gap between traditional education and the skills required in the contemporary job market.

The initiative is designed to foster an environment where students can engage with and understand these technologies from a young age. According to NASSCOM’s President, “Integrating digital skills into education is crucial for building a future-ready workforce. Our partnership with the Tripura government marks a significant step in that direction.”

NITI Aayog, India’s premier policy think tank, has expressed strong support for this initiative, seeing it as a model that can be replicated in other states. A representative from NITI Aayog highlighted that this program aligns with the national objective of fostering innovation and technological advancement across all regions of the country.

The integration of digital skills into the curriculum is expected to have far-reaching impacts, including the promotion of digital literacy, the stimulation of local economies through the development of a skilled workforce, and the attraction of technology-driven industries to the region.

The Tripura government’s partnership with NASSCOM, supported by NITI Aayog, represents a forward-thinking approach to education. By embedding digital skills into academics, Tripura is not only preparing its youth for the future but also contributing to India’s overarching goal of becoming a global leader in technology and innovation.



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