Tripura Police Arrest Man, Seize Arms and Drugs Worth Rs 35 Lakh

Tripura police

Tripura Police arrested a man and seized arms and a large cache of Yaba tablets worth Rs 35 lakh from Matinagar village, a bordering area in the West District, on Thursday. The police conducted the operation following a tip-off about illegal activities in the region.

The arrested individual, whose identity has not been disclosed yet, was found in possession of firearms and a substantial quantity of Yaba tablets. The Yaba tablets, known for their stimulant effects, have been a growing concern in the region due to their widespread abuse and trafficking.

The police team, led by senior officers, raided a house in Matinagar village early in the morning. During the search, they discovered several firearms, including pistols and ammunition, alongside the large haul of Yaba tablets. The estimated market value of the seized drugs is around Rs 35 lakh.

Tripura Police spokesperson Inspector General (IG) Shyam Sundar stated that this operation is part of a broader effort to curb drug trafficking and illegal arms trade in the state. He emphasized the importance of community cooperation in providing crucial information that leads to such successful operations.

The police have registered a case against the accused under various sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act and the Arms Act. The arrested man is currently in police custody and undergoing interrogation. Authorities are investigating his connections and the network involved in the trafficking of drugs and arms.

Local residents of Matinagar village expressed relief following the successful raid. They have long been troubled by the increasing presence of illegal activities in the area. Community leaders praised the police for their swift action and urged continued vigilance to ensure the safety and security of their village.

Tripura has been grappling with issues related to drug trafficking and illegal arms for several years. The state’s proximity to international borders makes it a vulnerable target for smugglers. The government has been intensifying efforts to combat these challenges through increased surveillance and community involvement.

The police plan to continue their crackdown on drug trafficking and illegal arms trade, focusing on border areas that are prone to such activities. They have appealed to the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help maintain law and order in the state. The recent seizure in Matinagar village marks a significant step in Tripura’s fight against illicit trade and drug abuse.



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