Tripura Set To Deploy 2,500 Police Officer For Durga Puja


In Agartala alone government is all set to deploy over 2500 police during Durga Puja. The increase of the number of pandals from 330 to 436 and due to fare of theft the police are being deployed.  

The Assistant inspector general Jyotishman Das Chowdhury stated on Thursday that, “nearly 100 CCTV cameras will be used by the police of Durga pandals monitoring. Agartala alone has covered 400 such cameras, in addition to other surveillance infrastructure in the other cities of the state.”

There will be strict vigilance maintained by the Border Security Force.

979 out of 2506 pandals are built in urban areas in 1,527 villages.

Chowdhury said that more police and Tripura state Rifles personnel will be posted in all police stations and a close eye will be kept on the offenders. Strict actions will be taken against the habitual offenders.

In the previous month police arrested 46 people of which 36 were from West Tripura district .two people were arrested for dacoities in the Baldakhal area where many crimes were taking place.