Tripura Students Demand Education Minister’s Resignation Over Exam Scandals

students protest

Students in Tripura, led by the Left Front’s students and youth wing, took to the streets in a protest rally denouncing what they claim are rampant irregularities and corruption surrounding national exams such as NEET and NET. The demonstrators, comprising mainly of students from various educational institutions across the state, voiced their outrage over the alleged malpractices that have marred these crucial examinations.

The protest, which gathered momentum in recent days, saw impassioned speeches and slogans demanding accountability from authorities responsible for conducting these exams. Central to their grievances was the call for the resignation of Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, whom they accused of failing to ensure fair and transparent conduct of exams.

Speaking at the rally, student leaders highlighted specific incidents of alleged cheating, question paper leaks, and irregularities in the evaluation process that have surfaced in recent exam cycles. They emphasized the detrimental impact of such malpractices on the aspirations and futures of thousands of students who prepare rigorously for these competitive exams.

“We will not tolerate this injustice anymore,” declared one of the student organizers, expressing the collective frustration over what they perceive as a compromised examination system. The protestors also demanded stringent action against those found guilty of perpetrating malpractices and urged for reforms to restore integrity to the examination process.

In response to the allegations, authorities have assured a thorough investigation into the claims of irregularities. However, the students remained steadfast in their demand for immediate action, calling for swift measures to restore confidence among aspirants and ensure a level playing field for all candidates.

The protest underscored broader concerns about the state of education and examination practices in Tripura, echoing similar movements across the country demanding transparency and accountability in academic evaluations. As the voices of dissent grow louder, the pressure mounts on educational authorities and policymakers to address these critical issues affecting the future of students nationwide.



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