Tripura Traffic Police Seize Over 21,000 Licenses, Suspend 7,000 in Six Months


Tripura Traffic Police have taken significant action against traffic rule violations, seizing over 21,000 licenses and suspending more than 7,000 in the past six months. This aggressive drive aims to tackle illegal parking and congestion in Agartala and across the state, reflecting a robust commitment to improving road safety and enforcing traffic laws.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Rajib Dutta stated that this crackdown is part of a comprehensive strategy to instill discipline among drivers and ensure safer roads. Officers have conducted regular checks and patrols, particularly in high-traffic areas, to identify and penalize violators. These measures have led to a noticeable improvement in traffic flow and a reduction in accidents, according to Dutta.

The police have primarily targeted illegal parking, which has been a major cause of congestion in urban areas. In addition to seizing licenses, authorities have imposed hefty fines on offenders. Dutta noted that repeat offenders face harsher penalties, including longer suspensions and potential legal action. This zero-tolerance approach aims to deter habitual violators and promote adherence to traffic regulations.

Public response to the crackdown has been mixed. While many residents appreciate the efforts to decongest the city and improve safety, some have expressed concerns about the strictness of the measures. “It’s good that the police are taking action, but they should also ensure that there are enough parking spaces available,” said local shop owner Ranjit Das. The authorities have acknowledged these concerns and are working with municipal officials to address parking shortages.

Education and awareness campaigns are also part of the strategy. The Traffic Police have been conducting workshops and seminars in schools and communities to educate people about the importance of following traffic rules. They have also used social media platforms to reach a wider audience, sharing tips on safe driving and updates on enforcement activities.

This sustained enforcement campaign reflects a broader initiative by the Tripura government to modernize the state’s traffic management system. Plans are underway to introduce more advanced technology, such as automated traffic signals and surveillance cameras, to enhance monitoring and enforcement capabilities.

As the crackdown continues, the Tripura Traffic Police remain committed to making the state’s roads safer for everyone. By maintaining strict enforcement and promoting public awareness, they aim to create a culture of responsible driving and reduce the incidence of traffic violations.



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