Tripura Zoo Implements Measures to Protect Animals from Heatwave

Tripura Zoo

Sepahijala Zoological Park in Tripura has sprung into action to safeguard its animal residents from the scorching heatwave currently gripping the region. As temperatures soar, the park authorities have implemented a series of precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of the animals under their care.

One of the primary steps taken by the zoo is the provision of seasonal fruits to the animals. Rich in water content and essential nutrients, fruits help in keeping the animals hydrated and provide them with the necessary energy to endure the heat. Additionally, the zookeepers are ensuring that the animals have access to ample clean water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

To provide relief from the sweltering temperatures, the zoo has also introduced innovative cooling techniques. Ice cubes are being placed in enclosures to create cool spots for the animals to rest, while occasional cold-water splashes are administered to help them beat the heat. These measures not only alleviate discomfort but also help in maintaining the animals’ body temperature within safe limits.

Furthermore, special attention is being given to vulnerable species such as the ones accustomed to cooler climates. Enclosures housing these animals are equipped with additional cooling devices like misting fans and shaded areas to mimic their natural habitats as closely as possible. Zookeepers are closely monitoring the behavior of these animals to ensure they adapt well to the changes and remain healthy.

The efforts of Sepahijala Zoological Park underscore the importance of proactive measures in mitigating the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions on captive animals. By prioritizing the welfare of its inhabitants, the zoo is setting a commendable example of responsible animal care and management.

As the heatwave persists, the management of Tripura Zoo remains vigilant and continues to explore new ways to enhance the comfort and safety of the animals under their guardianship. With these ongoing efforts, the zoo aims to provide a conducive environment for its diverse array of wildlife species to thrive despite the challenging weather conditions.



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