Tripura’s Cricket Prodigy Manishankar Murasingh to Receive Prestigious Lala Amarnath Award


In a momentous occasion for Tripura’s cricket fraternity, the talented all-rounder Manishankar Murasingh is set to be honored with the prestigious Lala Amarnath Award for being Ranji’s best All-rounder of the season. The award ceremony, organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), is scheduled to take place on January 23rd in Hyderabad.

Manishankar Murasingh’s exceptional performance in the Ranji Trophy has not only contributed to Tripura’s cricket legacy but has also earned him recognition at the national level. The Lala Amarnath Award, named after the legendary Indian cricketer, acknowledges outstanding achievements in cricket, and Murasingh’s prowess as an all-rounder has rightfully earned him a place among the cricketing elite.

As Tripura eagerly anticipates the award ceremony, cricket enthusiasts and well-wishers extend their heartfelt congratulations to Manishankar Murasingh. His dedication, skill, and stellar performances on the cricket field have not only brought glory to Tripura but have also inspired aspiring cricketers in the region.

The Lala Amarnath Award ceremony in Hyderabad will not only recognize individual excellence but also serve as a testament to the growing prominence of cricket in Tripura. Manishankar Murasingh’s journey from the local cricket grounds to the national stage is a source of inspiration for young cricketers dreaming of making their mark in the sport.



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